Friday, 8 October 2010


This week, I realised that Twitter is in danger of SPAM. Or will it be an enrichment? How Twitter can be used for targeted advertisement.

This week, my car needed a checkup. Since I do things digital as much as possible, I made the appointment with the garage by internet. That went quite well. Because I needed to transport quite a lot of stuff, I asked for a bigger car. I have a Volvo V50 myself, and they gave me a Volvo XC70 AWD T5. That's quite a car! I was very happy, 'cause the stuff I needed to transport was so much, that it hadn't fit in my own car. It just fitted in the XC70. I was happy with the car, because it still was very fast and had no problem with the weight.

After I returned the car, I tweeted this message:

"Today I was happy: car was serviced and the temp car was a brand new Volvo XC70 - happy me!"
...Image my surprise - yes, I really was surprised! -  When I got this reply:

That means Dealer24x7 is running an engine to search tweets about car brands, and then replying to it! How brilliant is that!

Of course it can mean, that if more -and also sleezy- companies and advertisers start to do this, Twitter might get flooded with advertisements. I wonder what happens. What I know for sure: Twitter will live on for some time...